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As our global climate changes, farmers and gardeners will need to access seeds that are bred to succeed in conditions that may be drastically different from previous years. When you list seeds on the Global Seed Network you help build an independent and diverse seed supply of unique plants and crops adapted to specific climates and conditions. This helps guarantee that each member will be able to find plants that will thrive in his or her production system, be it a small urban garden patch or a small, diversified farm.

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In selecting the plants from which to save seed, assess the condition of the whole plant, looking for disease and insect resistance, drought tolerance, vigor, color, earliness of fruiting, lateness of bolting, hardiness, uniformity, and trueness. You can influence your future crop characteristics by selecting seeds on the basis of size, shape, color, productivity, flavor, shelf life, and more. Although it is not guaranteed that the same characteristics will be expressed in the next generation, over time you will be able to influence the traits of your seed stock.

By saving, posting, and sharing seeds with the global community of farmers and gardeners, you are contributing to the preservation and conservation of plant diversity and to the protection of our public food system from private consolidation.

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